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March 15, 2011

Maccabeats Purim Video, Ein Prat / The Fountainheads Purim Video, and Ghettopella

So, the battle is on – which video will go viral?

Ghettopella, based at Montreal’s McGill University, has just released their first video on YouTube. No specific Jewish content here – in fact that is not really their type of thing – but with strong ties to the Jewish student community at McGill, they have a natural audience. Here’s their first effort – of course, the video is not professionally produced so there is no choreography and the audio isn’t good either – but the group has potential. Keep a watch out for more! (search YouTube for ‘ghettopella’ for additional versions of varying quality)

The Maccabeats, Yeshiva University (YU) students’ a capella sensation, released a Purim video last week, and has had extensive exposure in the NY Jewish world and beyond. Here’s their Purim entry (400K hits to date):

Finally, I just came across Ein Prat / Fountainhead’s ‘Raise Your Mask’ Purim video. I hadn’t come across this group before. They are pretty polished, and I liked their script, videography and choreography better than the Maccabeats (I particularly liked the Elvis Presley reference). 65K hits to date.

What do you think – who is the worthy a capella group of the future – Ghettopella, Maccabeats, or Ein Prat?

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