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January 22, 2014

Mazal Tov Elan and Sarah!

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We are delighted to announce Elan’s engagement to Sarah Silverman (no, not that Sarah Silverman!).


Sarah, the oldest daughter of Jeff and Liz Silverman of Westport, CT, is a senior at McGill University in Montreal. She has two younger brothers, Matthew and David.

We have really enjoyed getting to know the Silvermans recently. And anyone who has seen Elan and Sarah together over the past two years knows what a great couple they make. We’re so happy for them!

The wedding date will be announced as soon as it is set. Thanks to everyone for your good wishes!

April 6, 2011

Wonderful Pesach Video (from Chavruta)

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Take 15 min out of your day and watch this.

Why did the Canadian cross the road?

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To get to the middle.

(HT – Sue’s hockey buddy Buena)




Sue added this one:

What’s the Canadian Olympic cheer?


“Go for the Bronze”



March 28, 2011

Evolution of the Olive

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Fascinating article by R Natan Slifkin about how we got to where we are in terms of the crazy shiurim for an olive. Highly recommended.

It doesn’t format so well as a blog page, so let me know if you would like me to email you the PDF.

Hat Tip – Abba.

March 24, 2011

Don’t stop: Daphna’s Arrangement Performed by Ramaz Chamber Chorus

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On March 23, 2011, the Ramaz Chamber chorus, in an SRO appearance at Barnes and Noble on E 86th St on NYC’s Upper East Side, performed Daphna Weinstock’s arrangement of Fleetwood Mac’s “Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow”.

March 16, 2011

Obama – what a disappointment!!

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This cartoon says it all:

March 15, 2011

Maccabeats Purim Video, Ein Prat / The Fountainheads Purim Video, and Ghettopella

So, the battle is on – which video will go viral?

Ghettopella, based at Montreal’s McGill University, has just released their first video on YouTube. No specific Jewish content here – in fact that is not really their type of thing – but with strong ties to the Jewish student community at McGill, they have a natural audience. Here’s their first effort – of course, the video is not professionally produced so there is no choreography and the audio isn’t good either – but the group has potential. Keep a watch out for more! (search YouTube for ‘ghettopella’ for additional versions of varying quality)

The Maccabeats, Yeshiva University (YU) students’ a capella sensation, released a Purim video last week, and has had extensive exposure in the NY Jewish world and beyond. Here’s their Purim entry (400K hits to date):

Finally, I just came across Ein Prat / Fountainhead’s ‘Raise Your Mask’ Purim video. I hadn’t come across this group before. They are pretty polished, and I liked their script, videography and choreography better than the Maccabeats (I particularly liked the Elvis Presley reference). 65K hits to date.

What do you think – who is the worthy a capella group of the future – Ghettopella, Maccabeats, or Ein Prat?

New Acappella Sensation!

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“Ghettopella” in its first Youtube appearance – at McGill’s Cafe Campus! With Elan as lead Bass.

The first clip has much better audio but gets cut off during the 3rd number.

The second clip has poor audio for the first number but that improves for the third and fourth songs (start at about the 2:50 mark).

March 11, 2011

Daf Yomi plug

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We started Menchot today, having finished Zevachim yesterday (Siyum and BBQ Sunday at our house!). I’ll take this opportunity to plug Rav Dov Linzer‘s fine shiur, which is now available via live video, as well as audio and video archives. The shiur takes place at the Hebrew Institute of Riverdale at 7:30am Sun-Fri, and after mincha on Shabbat. Rav Dov (Rosh HaYeshiva of Yeshivat Chovevei Torah) gives a clear and lucid shiur, combining his wonderful scholarship with a liberal sprinkling of his trademark common sense and wit.


The best part is, if you can’t be there in person, there is live audio and recorded audio and video! Details:

Rav Dov has also started an excellent blog on daf-related topics, complete with resource pages and other articles of interest, at

Highly recommended!

Theater Week

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We saw two great shows this week.

The Stratford Shakespeare Festival’s production of The Importance of Being Earnest, at the Roundabout Theater – with the simply wonderful Brian Bedford.

And, last night, The Merchant of Venice at the Pace University theater. The show starred F. Murray Abraham (did you know he is Syrian, not Jewish?) as Shylock, but while he gave a fine performance, the production was more notable for the way it set the piece in the present – with the characters as Wall Street Yuppies, using Apples and iPhones – as well as the suggestion of a sexual attraction between Bassanio and Antonio, making the lost ring theme at the end of the play a most believable test staged by Portia, rather than the exceedingly silly farce that it appears to be on the page (and, I suppose, in many productions). Jacob Ming-Trent also put in an inspired performance as Launcelot.

See for a review. The show closes in NYC on Sunday, but will be travelling the country (Chicago, Boston, LA) – if you get a chance to see it, don’t miss it!


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