Mazal Tov Elan and Sarah!

We are delighted to announce Elan’s engagement to Sarah Silverman (no, not that Sarah Silverman!).


Sarah, the oldest daughter of Jeff and Liz Silverman of Westport, CT, is a senior at McGill University in Montreal. She has two younger brothers, Matthew and David.

We have really enjoyed getting to know the Silvermans recently. And anyone who has seen Elan and Sarah together over the past two years knows what a great couple they make. We’re so happy for them!

The wedding date will be announced as soon as it is set. Thanks to everyone for your good wishes!

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3 Responses to Mazal Tov Elan and Sarah!

  1. Leo & Edith and Melanie Scheiner says:

    Mazal Tov to the future couple, we are so happy for you……
    It’s beautiful…….
    M A Z A L T O V !

    Edith, Melanie and Leo Scheiner

  2. jeff and Marcia says:

    Fabulous news. we are thrilled and excited for everyone. looking forward to meeting Sarah and the Silverman clan. ( any relation to the Silverman in Toronto ? )
    Mazel Tov
    Marcia and Jeff

  3. josef guttman says:

    Dear Elan and Sarah,

    Mazel Tov! I wish you all the best and happiness,also Mazel Tov to your parents and grandparents in Canada.


    Josef Guttman

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